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Burslem through new eyes

Over the next few weeks I plan to gather content that can be pinned for a map for an exciting new Visit Burslem experiment.

Talk About Local is running a short Augmented Reality project which will help hyperlocal websites to feed geotagged content into apps such as Wikitude which can be accessed through phones including iPhones. It could hugely improve the experience of visitors to Burslem as well as making more information available to local residents. As there will still be people in our area who don’t have access to a smartphone, hopefully we can work with schools and volunteers with the right kit so that more people can have a go.

At the moment the Wikitude app doesn’t seem to have a lot in our area (I might be looking in the wrong place), just Wikipedia entries that need updating and public tweets. With all the history and memories, as well as all our amazing businesses, locked away in our buildings, Augmented Reality is a great way to connect visitors with all that has gone on in our past, present and future.

I’m looking for a mixture of content and will be trying it out on the day of celebrations on June 23rd. Anything that can be placed to an exact point of the map will be considered for inclusion. I will put together a mixture to show the potential of AR in Burslem: photos, videos, business pages (perhaps special offers for visitors?), audio stories that you can listen to as you walk, information about buildings – it’s an opportunity to think creatively and fish some older material out for this very cool new use.

If there is interest, I’ll arrange some sort of showcase or maybe a guided walk so we can see Augmented Reality in action and talk about how else we can use it.

If you have anything you would like to be included in the experiment, please leave a comment here or on the My Burslem Facebook page/MyTunstall page or tweet @visitburslem.

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