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Burslem Christmas Lights Appeal 2012

Burslem has sadly been left without basic funding to put up our Christmas lights. We have lights and many traders are putting up their own decorations, but there is a gap of £3,500 to install the street lighting.

Since becoming aware of the shortfall, a lot of people have started raising funds and there are bucket collections, auctions etc going on in lots of shops and at the next Port Vale matches.

We would hugely appreciate the help of friends online. Time is very short: the deadline of next Wednesday has been set in time for our Christmas events on 8th December.

I’ve set up an online collection bucket for donations via Paypal – it’s better to donate in person if you can because of the Paypal charges, but this option is still cheaper than sending a cheque if you are far away:

The collection bucket is here – please share this link if you have any friends from further afield who know Burslem and would like to donate.

Thank you!


Mothertown Fish & Chips

In March 2012, after standing empty for over 2 years, the former Lloyds Bank opened its huge, imposing front doors to a new venture known as ‘Mothertown Fish, Chips & Salad Bar’. The old bank vault door still remains in place and is a lovely feature of the building – our kitchen is now in the vault!

The origins of Lloyds Bank date from 1765, when button maker John Taylor and iron producer and dealer Sampson Lloyd II set up a private banking business in Dale End, Birmingham. The first branch office opened in Oldbury, some six miles (10 km) west of Birmingham, in 1864. The symbol adopted by Taylors and Lloyds was the beehive, representing industry and hard work.  A rectangular panel with a relief of a beehive above a garland can be found at the uppermost point of the building.

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Burslem through new eyes

Over the next few weeks I plan to gather content that can be pinned for a map for an exciting new Visit Burslem experiment.

Talk About Local is running a short Augmented Reality project which will help hyperlocal websites to feed geotagged content into apps such as Wikitude which can be accessed through phones including iPhones. It could hugely improve the experience of visitors to Burslem as well as making more information available to local residents. As there will still be people in our area who don’t have access to a smartphone, hopefully we can work with schools and volunteers with the right kit so that more people can have a go.

At the moment the Wikitude app doesn’t seem to have a lot in our area (I might be looking in the wrong place), just Wikipedia entries that need updating and public tweets. With all the history and memories, as well as all our amazing businesses, locked away in our buildings, Augmented Reality is a great way to connect visitors with all that has gone on in our past, present and future.

I’m looking for a mixture of content and will be trying it out on the day of celebrations on June 23rd. Anything that can be placed to an exact point of the map will be considered for inclusion. I will put together a mixture to show the potential of AR in Burslem: photos, videos, business pages (perhaps special offers for visitors?), audio stories that you can listen to as you walk, information about buildings – it’s an opportunity to think creatively and fish some older material out for this very cool new use.

If there is interest, I’ll arrange some sort of showcase or maybe a guided walk so we can see Augmented Reality in action and talk about how else we can use it.

If you have anything you would like to be included in the experiment, please leave a comment here or on the My Burslem Facebook page/MyTunstall page or tweet @visitburslem.

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Hello, I am working in the area creating FABRIC WALK as part of the Place Space and Identity Project that is running across Stoke on Trent this summer.

Fabric is going to be a large scale intervention into the landscape, based on the collected stories and memories of local residents a walk is going to be mapped out by wrapping natural and urban features in Fabric.

‘Fabric Walk’ explores the idea that sewing, wrapping, repairing, folding, covering are inherently caring and restorative actions and combines this with the the act of walking; a physical challenge to the occupation with speed and having to get places fast.

I am looking for volunteers to help install this piece of work.

When: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2011
Where: Based at Midland Heart Offices, Duncalf Street, Burslem and outside in streets/parks
Times: 10am – 5pm (10am – 1.30pm or 1.30pm – 5pm.)

Some basic sewing skills are desirable but not essential as it is more important that you don’t mind working outside and are comfortable with small amounts of problem solving.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed, tea and coffee will be provided and those doing full days with the artist will have lunch paid for.

for more info contact me at

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Share your election leaflets now! is an archive of, well, election leaflets — the kind distributed by politicians to householders, in the days and weeks before local or national elections, and, in the case of 5 May this year, a referendum.

It allows people to see what politicians and their parties are saying, locally and in comparable areas elsewhere, and will be a valuable resource for future historians.

Leaflets are scanned or photographed (a decent mobile phone pic will do) and uploaded by members of the public.

Here are the leaflets uploaded for Stoke-on-Trent North wards.

Can you help, by uploading any election leaflets you have received (regardless of the party)? The process is simple, and the instructions are clear.

Article made available for sharing and local adaptation by Andy Mabbett and originally posted on B44 Blog 

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Changes to Visit Burslem

This post is to update you on some changes I’ve got planned for Visit Burslem…

The site has always had two main aims and hopefully these developments will help achieve them:

> growing the visitor economy to help businesses, organisations and the town itself to thrive

> supporting communication amongst residents, traders, visitors and any organisations that have an interest in Burslem.

I’d observed that My Tunstall is a more successful discussion site than Visit Burslem, so after some discussions with its web editor Matt and other friends of the site I have decided that updates and discussion-type content will now go to My Burslem, which is in fact a subsection of My Tunstall. Many of us have connections with both towns so hopefully it’s a partnership that will help us combine our efforts to build successful communities. It’s not a merger as such, but a sort of digital civil partnership (without wishing to give the real partners of the owners any suspicions!). People can post their updates directly to the site and simply tag them ‘Burslem’ for them to appear.

Meanwhile, I’m speaking to aforementioned friends of the site about how Visit Burslem can become a more focussed front-end for attracting visitors and showcasing all our wonderful offerings and fascinating stories. I’ll be going back through our existing content and tidying it up a bit then curating content including photography to illuminate our town.

If anybody would like to help with this, please leave a comment.

The Visit Burslem Twitter feed will continue to post all posts and updates of interest, wherever they might be hosted.

Facebook users might also like to join the My Burslem Facebook group, which has 372 members at the time of writing and includes a useful contact list of Burslem people.

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Citizens Record Sleeve | Flickr



Citizens Record Sleeve | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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The best mince pies in the region are from Scotland | Sentinel News

The best mince pies in the region are from Scotland | Sentinel News.

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Everywhere it’s Christmas

Everywhere It’s Christmas’ A celebration of the Beatles at Christmas Time.
Artwaves, Nile Street
Open Night.Fri 10th Dec 7.30pm – Wine and nibbles and a bit of Christmas cake.
Gary Marsh is presenting his new book, ‘A Christmas Scapbook’ of Beatles memorabilia.
A Celebration of John Lennon at 70: 30 years on from December1980.
40 years since John Lennon’s Erotic Lithographs were on public display.
Not Only, but also ….. two Virgins , A Bed-In and an Erotic lithograph collection.
Please note ADULT CONTENT.
opening times – Sat 11th Dec 12.00pm – 5.00pm
Sun 12th Dec 10.00am – 2.00pm
Mon 13th – Fri 17th 12.00pm – 4.00pm
Sat 18th Dec 12.00pm – 5.00pm

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BIGRed – Animation Workshops | Stoke Your Fires |

BIGRed – Animation Workshops | Stoke Your Fires |

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