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City Voices and Age UK

City voices were delighted to welcome two members of the Age UK North Staffordshire, Goldenhill and Sandyford memories group. The group meets at Goldenhill community centre to talk about their memories of the area and to raise funds for good causes. The group is currently working on a book about the area and so sent Jim Dutton and Jenny Bell on a fact-finding mission to one of Stoke on Trent’s most popular writing groups based at the City Central Library, Hanley on September 23rd to ask for help and advice, as well as poems and stories relating to Goldenhill.

The pair was then treated to poetry recitals from Paul Williamson, Tom Larvin and Derek Payne. There were also stories and comedy quips from local authors Stephen Harvey and Alan Barnett. To finish the session local short story writer and poet Lily Meigh sang a ditty that she had composed to the group and guests. City voices will be guests at the Goldenhill group in the following months so watch out for that one!!

Anyone interested in either group can contact:

Alan Barnett – City voices writers forum – 01782 814023

Jim Dutton – Goldenhill memories group – 01782 200729

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Fairies In Burslem

Forever I will recall

A summer stroll in Stoke

In Blue Bell Wood beside the cut

Resided little folk

I caught a glimpse so briefly

Each one with wings of gold

Sat upon a buttercup

In sunshine bright and bold

Now many think it’s wishful

But I know that it’s true

Underneath the willow branch

Reveals a world of few

So pause and look around you

Let imagination bloom

Each and every fairy tale

May live next door to you

By Stephen Harvey

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