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City Voices and Age UK

City voices were delighted to welcome two members of the Age UK North Staffordshire, Goldenhill and Sandyford memories group. The group meets at Goldenhill community centre to talk about their memories of the area and to raise funds for good causes. The group is currently working on a book about the area and so sent Jim Dutton and Jenny Bell on a fact-finding mission to one of Stoke on Trent’s most popular writing groups based at the City Central Library, Hanley on September 23rd to ask for help and advice, as well as poems and stories relating to Goldenhill.

The pair was then treated to poetry recitals from Paul Williamson, Tom Larvin and Derek Payne. There were also stories and comedy quips from local authors Stephen Harvey and Alan Barnett. To finish the session local short story writer and poet Lily Meigh sang a ditty that she had composed to the group and guests. City voices will be guests at the Goldenhill group in the following months so watch out for that one!!

Anyone interested in either group can contact:

Alan Barnett – City voices writers forum – 01782 814023

Jim Dutton – Goldenhill memories group – 01782 200729

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Burslem on the map

Local author and musician Stephen Harvey has written a book about domestic violence. The book is set in Burslem in the seventies and eighties and is full of local references to keep us Boslemites interested.

‘Echoes Of Pain’ has sold nearly 200 copies already as both an e-book and paperback, and it is  now ON SALE in a shop called The Exchange. The book is priced at just £6.99 (while stocks last)

The book has even been sold as far afield as Australia and New Zealand while simultaneously gaining interest a little closer to home from local radio station six towns radio and the local press, who are all keen to hear about his success.

The Exchange is located in Hanley, Stoke on Trent.

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Fairies In Burslem

Forever I will recall

A summer stroll in Stoke

In Blue Bell Wood beside the cut

Resided little folk

I caught a glimpse so briefly

Each one with wings of gold

Sat upon a buttercup

In sunshine bright and bold

Now many think it’s wishful

But I know that it’s true

Underneath the willow branch

Reveals a world of few

So pause and look around you

Let imagination bloom

Each and every fairy tale

May live next door to you

By Stephen Harvey

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Echoes Of Pain – Paperback and E-Book

The Burslem School of Art, Queen Street, Bursl...

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A collection of short stories from a childhood of heart break and domestic violence.The setting is Burslem in Stoke on Trent in the seventies and eighties, and is the very real biography of the author.

It is written from the perspective of a child and the memories of the nightmare he was living at the time. The tales can be extremely brutal on occasions, but can just as quickly shift to a full on ‘belly laugh’ with a very strange a but true life view of the situation that the children often found themselves plunged into.

This is the real story of Burslem and the six towns that Arnold Bennett had written about in 1902, but with the added realism of children living their everyday life in Thatcher’s Britain in the eighties

The book has lots of fantastic references to the history of the area. This includes the pot banks and the people who worked in them and lots of references to the history of the area. Burslem baths, Staffordshire tableware, Burslem School Of Art and Royal Doulton.

Purchase ONLINE here:

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