Changes to Visit Burslem

This post is to update you on some changes I’ve got planned for Visit Burslem…

The site has always had two main aims and hopefully these developments will help achieve them:

> growing the visitor economy to help businesses, organisations and the town itself to thrive

> supporting communication amongst residents, traders, visitors and any organisations that have an interest in Burslem.

I’d observed that My Tunstall is a more successful discussion site than Visit Burslem, so after some discussions with its web editor Matt and other friends of the site I have decided that updates and discussion-type content will now go to My Burslem, which is in fact a subsection of My Tunstall. Many of us have connections with both towns so hopefully it’s a partnership that will help us combine our efforts to build successful communities. It’s not a merger as such, but a sort of digital civil partnership (without wishing to give the real partners of the owners any suspicions!). People can post their updates directly to the site and simply tag them ‘Burslem’ for them to appear.

Meanwhile, I’m speaking to aforementioned friends of the site about how Visit Burslem can become a more focussed front-end for attracting visitors and showcasing all our wonderful offerings and fascinating stories. I’ll be going back through our existing content and tidying it up a bit then curating content including photography to illuminate our town.

If anybody would like to help with this, please leave a comment.

The Visit Burslem Twitter feed will continue to post all posts and updates of interest, wherever they might be hosted.

Facebook users might also like to join the My Burslem Facebook group, which has 372 members at the time of writing and includes a useful contact list of Burslem people.

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