Free School idea for Queens Theatre

The Queens Theatre Production Society writes:
I would like to announce the following on behalf of a charity which is about to get underway here in Burslem.
We have decided to take up the initiative laid down by this government to open a free school located in the Princes Rooms attached to the Theatre.  This will enable children to access performing arts, fine art, technical art, and all subjects of curriculum associated with state schools but on a greater level.
We are also currently interested in forming a solid relationship with the Ceramica Trust in order to facilitate their existence further in the town.  The Ceramica Trust have doen a splendind job over the years of refurbishing the Old Town Hall and although there has been bad press regarding the aluminium structure of Ceramica, (The retail area) everyione involved with the free school plan agrees that the facilities for children within the Old Town Hall are something that Burslem cannot afford to see taken from Burslem.
To this end and the release of discussions to cut funding in the press to the Ceramica Trust, we again feel that it is our duty within the free school project to try and encompass the facilities into this areas children education programme ongoing, forming vital links to experiential methods of learning which can only help to keep alive the incredible amount of creativity that abounds within our youth throughout this city.
We invite interested parents of children of all ages to visit our website at where they can click on the link at the top of the homepage and register their interest in the free school.
The formation of a Free School here in the town is and addition to vital footfall to Burslem that has been lost through the decline of the town this past fifty years as children and parents descend for learning and curriculum activities on a regular basis.
To those people who may listen to problems associated with Free Schools in any press reporting or rumours from non supporters of Free Schools we urge you to check out the facts.
The government is committed to an amount of Free school provision in this country.  Planning criteria has been relaxed through legislation in order to use buildings that are suitable or have been used in the past for learning provision.  Whilst local councillors are welcome to get involved in helping Free Schools evolve, the business case is between the proposed operator charity and the Secretary of State when all criteria has been met.
On a final note, Today we held talks with consultants who are involved in other Free School projects in other areas throughout the UK.  We were informed that our proposed use of buildings, our vision and the association with proposed providers local to Burslem is if not one of the best, the best that has been put forward.
We urge readers to support this cause as they have a chance to be involved in a real regeneration project within the town that involves local children and their families working to a long term regeneration and good use of funding to a fruitful outcome.
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