Updates from the Queens Theatre

The Queens Theatre Production Society write:

The Tribute nights are generally well supported although the economic climate is felt.
Thousands of visitors attend Pantomime between December 15th and 31st every year.
Visit www.queenstheatreburslem.com for full details.
The Queens Theatre Production Society is a 100% not for profit organisation formed, staffed and run by volunteers.  The objects of the society are to help keep present the Queens Theatre in a usable state for all.  Built at the turn of the century it is the oldest (within Stoke on Trent) surviving purpose built Theatre venue which can be utilised for many differing events.  It is older than the Regent Theatre, The Mitchell Memorial Theatre, has outlived Longton Theatres, Hanley Theatre and others which sprang up at the turn of the century throughout England.  The leaseholders Kilnstone Properties Ltd and the Queens Theatre Production Society receive no funding or grants from either local council or governing grant bodies.  A small amount of THI funding was obtained for some minor works in 2003 but since then all efforts have been thwarted by holders of grant funding within the Burslem area regarding any further assistance.  As a consequence the society relies solely on the goodwill of patrons supporting events at the Venue whereupon 100% of monies after costs are put back into the building ongoing.
Thanking everyone for their valued and continued support………
Queens Theatre Production Society.
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