An invitation: Travelling Pantry

Wednesday 13th October

6-9pm, Burslem School of Art

The Travelling Pantry is a free workshop that will take place in Burslem next week with the aim of bringing people together to stimulate new projects and community activities. It has been organised by the RSA and the Local Forum, a community group supported by the city council and RENEW that meets monthly to look at local issues around regeneration.

We will meet in the Burslem School of Art at 6pm and all are welcome. This is billed as a workshop for “people who want to get things done” so if y

ou know anybody else who fits into that category, please invite them along as well!

The Travelling Pantry is one of a series taking place around the country and will be run by Tessy Britton, a RSA Fellow who has been researching citizen-led projects from around the world. Other members of the RSA have included Josiah Wedgwood, one of our most inspirational local figures, so it is exciting that the Local Forum and more widely, the Mother Town, has an opportunity to be a part of this project.

To help plan refreshments, it would be helpful if you could email karen.dulson @ if you think you can come. If you would like a poster to print out, please leave a comment here with your email address (will not be published).

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