Spider and The Leopard

Unique evening in the Leopard Hotel, Burslem, on Wednesday September 8. American folk blues guitar legend Spider John Koerner, with Chip Smith on fiddle, plus support from the Boat Band(who are hosting the gig). John shot to prominence in the 60’s with the album “Blues Rags and Hollers”, in the legendary trio with Tony “Little Sun” Glover and Dave “Snaker” Ray. (As you will have noticed, blues nicknames were de rigeur in Minnesota in the 60’s). Spider John Koerner was a big (and acknowleged) influence on Bob Dylan. John Lennon picked Koerner’s first LP (“Blues Rags and Hollers”) as his favourite record.All guitarists of that era will recall his astonishing and attacking style, on some weird 7, 9 and 12-string guitars.

This will be a lovely to chance to see the great man in a small friendly venue on his first UK tour for ages: well, 30-odd years anyway).
I thought he was fantastic when I first heard him, and helped put him on in Oxford and Lancaster in the 60’s. So I have jumped at the chance to get him to Burslem now. We will have a wonderful night. There are only 85 seats going, so if you want to come, get booked fast, the box office is openRegards
Greg Stephens and the Boat Band

Spider John Koerner biog http://www.mwt.net/~koerner/bio.html
Myspace http://www.myspace.com/officialspiderjohnkoerner

Tickets £12. Strictly first come first served. Get a cheque, payable to Cat Island, to me. Email boatband @ yahoo.co.uk to make arrangements.

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