Discuss your experiences of the new political landscape at an E-Seminar

Parliament has risen and we thought this would be a good time to ask people to come together to discuss experiences of working in the new political landscape, so we are trialling our first ever Forum for Change e-seminar on working in the new political landscape.

Please join us onlineTuesday 3 August from 2-5pm.

We will be spending the afternoon looking at how the new political landscape is impacting on your campaigning and policy work, and the potential opportunities and challenges that it brings. We’ll be joined by a range of political experts and campaigners for the afternoon.

Each of our experts have been videoed giving a 10 minute presentation, after each video presentation you will have plenty of time to discuss the main issues with other delegates and the speakers themselves, who will be online to answer your questions.

This seminar is based on a previous free event we held back in May on working with a hung parliament, which received fantastic feedback:

–         “Short, sharp and excellent – glad I came!”

–         “Excellent – fascinating stuff”

–         “Brilliant speakers, wide variety”

If you haven’t already, please join the e-seminar group at www.forumforchange.org.uk/group/NewPoliticalLandscape to take part and have a look at our video instructions and guidelines to get the most out of the day.

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