So what do you do? – Bizfizz

Bizfizz is a national project, created by the Civic Trust and the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and currently run by NEF. All the work done by these organisations over a number of years in regeneration areas throughout the UK led to the creation of Bizfizz, an entirely client-led, ground-up approach towards supporting those people who wished to persue a business passion. Focussed on helping individuals overcome barriers, whatever they may be, to achieve their aims and creating networks of support and temporary teams to help them.

Bizfizz is flexible, the coach can see clients where and when the client prefers, it does not inititate, it does not motivate (there is only one entrepreneur in the relationship – the client), and is not rationed by time. Clients can have as much (or as little) time as they want.

Bizfizz clients can (and regularly do), access additional forms of business support wherever they need to and the coach supports and helps them to do this, they can continue to access Bizfizz throughout this process.

The Bizfizz Panel

The Bizfizz Panel is created and made up of local people from a wide range of backgrounds, who meet every month or so to consider and ‘brainstorm’ the questions the coach brings on behalf of clients, usually questions which are barriers to the clients moving forward. Not only does the client get information, contacts, ideas and suggestions, something else happens – the panel also, whilst discussing the questions get new information too. The meetings are rounded off with some good food and chat, both these things are in abundance in Burslem!

For more information about the project go to or

You can also download the book ‘Who’s the Entrepreneur?’ by following the link;

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